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Easter cards

We started by making  finger prints that were easily transformed into bunnies and chicks.

These cards create great writing opportunities.


- Ink pad

- Paper

- Pencil/black pen

- Coloured card


Task 1

- Using an ink pad make a yellow finger print on paper.

- Use a pencil or black pen to draw the eyes, beak and wings of the chicks.

- Now it is your child's turn!

Note: Showing children how to do an activity is the best way to teach them. We call that modelling. While they wait for their turn and listen to your explanation on how to do something they are not only learning to do the activity, they are developing their listening and social skills.

Task 2

Let's turn your artwork into a card!

- Cut a square around your chicks.

- Fold a paper/card in half an glue your artwork to the front.

- It is time to write! Discuss with your child what should you write in your card. Model how to write the card. Now it is your child's turn.

Note: Ensure you praise your child effort and successes and that the card is given to another child or adult. Children love to be thanked for their gifts.

Learning and questioning

Below you will find some questions that you might want to introduce while crafting your card.

This is not a "to do list". These are just ideas that might be helpful, children are amazing and when we follow their lead their learning goes much further.

Task 1

Maths - How many chicks are you going to do? Can we do one more?

Being imaginative - How many different chicks can you draw?

Understanding of the World - What's the name of the chick's mum? Discuss the name of different animals and their hatchlings. Easter occurs on Spring. What else happens in Spring?

Task 2

Sentence structure, one line per word.
Supporting your child to write

Writing - How do we start a card or a letter? What are you going to write? How many words do you need for that? Let's draw that number of lines and try to write one word in each line. Refer to image "supporting your child to write".

Reading - If your child does not know how to write a word, why don't you ask him to try to find it in your card? He/she will practice his/her reading skills to do so.

Have lots of fun making cards!

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