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Rainbow Little Project


I love looking at people windows and finding brilliant rainbow artwork and support messages to the NHS.

I wanted my toddler to get excited about it and learn at the same time.


These are some activities that we did:

  • We adapted the song “We are going on a Lion hunt” to “We are going on a rainbow hunt”.

  • We made a rainbow with pebbles and leaves.

  • We painted a rainbow.


Learning Opportunities for Reception Children

  • Literacy: 

    • Trying to read the messages in other children’s rainbow artwork.

    •  Give your child a story opener and let him/her amaze you with his own story:"One day a little boy drew a rainbow, that rainbow was special ..."

  •  Maths:

    • Looking at window shapes. Can you find any circular windows? Did you find any window with a round side and a straight side? 

    • Reinforcing positioning language while you sing the song: "We are going on a rainbow hunt". You can use actions to show the meaning of words such us: "over, under and through".

  •  Expressive Art and Design 

    • Singing the song "We are going on a rainbow hunt" and playing instruments. Can you bang two sticks to the rhythm of the song while you sing?

    • Can you make a rainbow using nature (pebbles, leaves, flowers or sticks)?

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