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10 Literacy activities for all books 

Just by reading a book to our child we are supporting her/his learning and opening for them a whole new world. Sometimes we want to expand their learning by doing activities related to the book. Below you will find ideas that you can adapt and use with most fiction books:

  1. ​Looking at the cover, you can  use the sentences below to discuss with your child:

    • What do you think this book is about? Why?

    • Tell me about the character on the cover.

  2. Explain to your child that you are detectives and your mission today is:

    • To find words that rhyme. Dress up as a detective to help your child engage with this game. A trench, a newspaper, a hat and a magnifying glass make a perfect detective.

    • To spot a special word. You can give your child a stick/straw to point your special word of the day. Eg. “like”. You can use the 100 High Frequency Words List to choose your word. 

  3. Make stick puppets or use toys to retell the story.

  4. Find/create your own costumes/props to roleplay the story.

  5. Create facemasks for the main characters of the story. 

  6. Craft your own book cover for the story.

  7. Choose a favourite character  and talk and write about it.

  8. Write labels/sentences and draw pictures and ask your child to match them. If your child is ready for a challenge ask your child to write a sentence about your picture.

  9. Draw or photocopy pictures from the story  and ask your child to order them. If they are very confident they can move onto drawing their own story map. This means thinking about the main parts of the story and drawing a picture for each one. 

  10. Innovate the story. Ask your child to create her/his own story by changing one item in the story. You can start by changing the main character from being a boy to being a girl for example. If your child is ready for a big challenge you may want to change where and when the story happen.

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