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Fishing shapes

Every activity that involves water, stickers and a challenge is going to be a success!

The best part of this activity is that you can adapt it to work with different things. For example: using numbers instead of shapes or even letters or words. 

  • Spades and or tweezers

  • Plain stickers or plain paper and glue

  • Leaves, cork or any other material that floats

  • Washing up basin or bowl

  • Show the images on this web to your child. Explain that you are going to play a fishing game and they need to find everything you need to do so. 

  • Gather the elements listed as resources.

  • Get the plain stickers or plain paper and involve your child in drawing the shapes, numbers or letters you are going to use for the activity.

  • Glue the pictures onto the leaves. Fill the container with water and put the leaves on the water.

  • Agree on the rules of the game. For example: We take turns and ask each other to pick a shape. If we fish the correct shape we get one point. The winner is the fist to score 10 points

  • Start the game and have lots of fun!



Learning involved

  • Fine motor skills.

  • Social and Emotional Development: Are you taking turns? Do you get upset  if you are not the winner? Do you help tidy up?

  • Shapes & numbers: Can you fish the shapes with 3 sides? How many squares can you fish in 30 seconds? I have 3 rectangles, can you find something with a rectangular shape in this room?

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